Thursday, July 28, 2005

What's the use of weblogs in education?

Recently I reread the news on Edusite that one of our oldest universities in The Netherlands (The University of Leiden) has started to use weblogs for educational purposes. I will try to give a very short description in English of what is developing there (all text etc is in Dutch).
There is directory available of the weblogs in use there. At the moment there are 8 staff and 5 students actively maintaining a weblog. There is one so-called 'onderwijsweblog' and 8 groupweblogs.
The 'onderwijsblog' is the most interesting, by far. At least for me. You wanna know why? Because it is actually a weblog by a teacher, where he actually tells his students that what he is doing there is an emulation what otherwise he would have done in Blackboard. But he makes one clear distinction: i want to get rid of the rigid way in which Blackboard puts the teacher(s) in the driver's seat, and therefor i use this weblog is a perfect alternative! Read his explanation in Dutch if you like:Rino's Blog.
So, is this the beginning of the end of Blackboard at the University of Leiden?

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