Friday, February 23, 2007

Who's is innovative

A very interesting post by Willem van Valkenburg (in Dutch) on the way a teacher made use of a wiki and Google docs.

Check out Docent te modern : "Het komt niet vaak voor dat de studenten klagen dat docenten te geavanceerde tools voor ze gebruiken. (..) zeker omdat het om informatica-studenten gaat, die bezig zijn met hun master."

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Netvibes contender... as opensource download!

I just found a great Netvibes contender, which is called eyeOS. A quote from their websi: "Welcome to, where you can create and use your own eyeOS Virtual Desktop. With all your data is available where ever you have Internet access and a standards compliant browser."

This is really something here.! Let me explain. You can download the source for this virtual desktop and install it on your own server. And since it is opensource, you can tweak it to whatever you like.

There are some 7 communities in different countries already. There is one The Netherlands already. This really worth investigating. Which I will start to do right after this post....