Thursday, May 31, 2007

Why wiki?

There is some great stuff to be found everywhere on the web. The last thing I found (thanks Wilfred!) is a video on how and why to use a wiki. The video is made by CommonCraft, a web strategy consulting firm based in Seatlle (WA).
So here is the 4 minutes of video:

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Why I renewed my Flickr account

Last week I got alerted by Flickr that my Pro account would expire soon. This means that I have been using Flickr for 2 years already. Time flies when you are having fun.
This alert started me to think why I should renew my account. Well, here are my reasons:
1/ I love the usability of Flickr! This is how a website should work. It is really so thought-out. There are (almost) never too many clicks to do things you would like to do. And also the sleek, simple, but powerful Flickr Uploadr is such a timesaver for me.
2/ I enjoy the beautiful photos that I come across at Flickr.
3/ Flickr makes it so easy to really trace what your 'friends' are up to. So, I really like the social networking aspect of Flickr.
These three reasons alone make it worth to spend the 47,99 US dollars for the next two years of fun at Flickr for me.
Ofcourse there are some things that annoy me. The two things that come to mind:
1/ The recent move to the Yahoo account system.
2/ The bulk download functionality that still isn't available.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What university libraries should do, really...

I am catching up on quite a few weblogs through Bloglines. I see
several posts on the joy of using RSS and readers like Google Reader. But that is not what I want to address here.

I would really like to point you to an interesting post on the blog of Erik Duval. I am a regular reader of the blog by Erik Duval, of elearning standards fame. He is from Belgium, if you didn't know yet.

Erik is really right on the spot regarding his university library that recently has moved into a great new building. Which is completely irrelevant to him, because he nevers visits the library!

But what is relevant to him, is not delivered by the library: "Why don’t they [the library] inform me when someone is downloading my papers?
Referring to my papers? Why don’t they alert me to papers I will
probably want to know about?" Are you listing over there in the library?