Friday, November 17, 2006

My blogprofile

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Lilia Efimova has a great weblog. She is working in The Netherlands, but she is "(..) Russian. So far I work in the Netherlands, but one day will go back. I like this "between two countries" dimension of my life: it gives richer perspective on everything I’m doing." Just take some time to fill in your own blogprofile at I found it rather straightforward. It is a great way to sort of evaluate your weblog and to give Lilia some input for her research.
Thankyou for Scott Wilson, for pointing to this.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Are there open educational resources (OER) at your institution?

David Wiley (from the US) has a very comprehensive website, including a weblog (ofcourse!) on open educational resources (or OER in short). His blog is called iterating toward openness. David compares the current situation of OER with a university website: "Can you imagine being asked to calculate the ROI of a university website? Can you imagine what your perception of a university that didn’t have a website would be? OER projects like OCWs have to rise to the status of “website” - they have to become absolutely core, I-can’t-imagine-a-university-without-one." So, in a few *10?* years time, we will not ask ourselves anymore why we need OER. We just offer them to the outside world! I really hope so.