Friday, November 17, 2006

My blogprofile

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Lilia Efimova has a great weblog. She is working in The Netherlands, but she is "(..) Russian. So far I work in the Netherlands, but one day will go back. I like this "between two countries" dimension of my life: it gives richer perspective on everything I’m doing." Just take some time to fill in your own blogprofile at I found it rather straightforward. It is a great way to sort of evaluate your weblog and to give Lilia some input for her research.
Thankyou for Scott Wilson, for pointing to this.

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Carla V. said...

Hi Wytze, wat grappig dat ik je weblog via Lilia (oud-collega) tegenkwam! Ik heb 'm aan Bloglines toegevoegd.

Groeten uit La France, Carla Verwijs
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