Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Stephen Downes on Flickr

Stephen Downes is back from hiatus for some time already. Always great to read his weblog (or even better: his RSS feed in my Bloglines account).
Stephen writes about what is happening with Flickr. The fact is that they are getting more and more into the Yahoo way of doing things: "So typical. A small company (Flickr) is bought by a large company (Yahoo!) and becomes coarse, unreasonable and insensitive (...) This sort of problem is the big question mark I see in hosted services - and hence, a lot of the approaches that typify what people think of as Web 2.0." Again, Stephen is exactly right on an important issue. Time will tell....
Actually, I must say that I am still a happy user of Flickr, as well as and Bloglines (all 3 of them are not indepedent anymore, right?). Oh yeah, and some more 'free' Web 2.0 services that I am quite happy using are Google Calender, Netvibes, Pageflakes, Feedburner, Suprglu and 30boxes, to name a few.

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