Monday, September 11, 2006

Great name: LeMill

The last two weeks have been quite busy for me. Last week i was present at the very succesfull first European Sakai Days, that were organized at the Lubeck University of Applied Sciences in Germany. I delivered a workshop about issues that we should work on within Europe, regarding Sakai. Therefore this weblog was a bit neglected. But here we are again!
I've been following some Finnish developments lately. One very interesting concept has gone live a few weeks a go. It is called LeMill (which is neat name, I think).
From the FAQ on LeMill: "LeMill is a web community for finding, authoring and sharing learning resources. First at all, you can find learning resources. The stuff you find you can use in your own teaching or learning. You may also add your own learning content to LeMill. You may edit your content and combine out of the pieces some larger junks of learning materials. If you wish you might also join one of the groups producing or editing some learning content. In LeMill the content is always easily found where and when ever you need them."
This sounds to me like an interesting concept. You can export SCORM packages from LeMill, BTW. So far, the content is a little scarce, but let's see what happens in the near future.

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