Monday, January 30, 2006

Web 2.0 in the making

For today, I just wanna point you to two shiny new services, in the real Web 2.0 spirit, that I recently joined for testing purposes. They both can be joined for free. Ofcourse always read their privacy policies if you also want to join:
1. Rojo: "Rojo means 'RSS with mojo' and in this spirit our company is dedicated to providing the best feed reader around so that busy people can discover and read content as efficiently as possible." This seems like Bloglines on steroids... maybe it is too fancy for me, although I like tags a lot, that is on en There a lot of features!
2. Spongecell: "The new Spongecell online calendar (Innovation Partners' patent pending) features revolutionary ease of use for social networks - individual and groups - to plan an online calendar."This is a very nice and clean online calender, that you can share with friends. It also publishes to RSS if you want. I've been using for some time now; dunno yet which one will eventually will be my winner. There are more competitors here, by the way. Just check them out at eHub.

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