Monday, February 06, 2006

On the internet as a gas filling station

I am regular reader of the weblog by Derek Morrison. Which is called Auricle: "For, at least the part of the world which is 'wired', we are fast reaching a point where we no longer need to visit physical spaces to acquire much of what we want or need. That, in turn, will change the nature of the physical spaces that are required and the roles/location of people who are required to support and service them. "
This last post I am quoting here is very interesting. It is not really on social software, but more on the way our wired world is changing. One more quote: "The internet as 'filling station' model is a world away from a total focus on the 'must be connected' Blackboard, WebCT et al view of e-learning". Please the entire post, highly recommended!

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