Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Underground learning: is it bad?

Through Niels Maes of Citowoz (thanks Niels!) I was reminded to pick up on George Siemens and his theory of connectivism. Siemens has started the Connectivism Blog. Just a quote to get you interested: "When educators fail to provide for the needs of learners (i.e. design learning in an LMS only), learners are able to 'go underground' to have their learning needs met."
What he means is that if Blackboard [fill in your own LMS or CMS here if you like] doesn't provide what the learners need, these learners will find their own solution to their problem. This is very very much recognizable! We should not wonder why they all use MSN, they have just gone underground. And we shouldn't be sorry per sé.

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