Sunday, April 16, 2006

30 Boxes or Google Calender?

Well, I dunno if this is really social software.... But Google Calender is software that makes use of all sorts of innovative software technologies, so for me that sort of qualifies. Really nice! I have just started to explore. Importing an *.ics file is a breeze. Adding public holidays is easy, they can be added with one (or two?) clicks. Adding an event is so easy. This works really good. I have made my calender public, so it should be searchable for everyone also. Let's see how that works... I have only put some public appearances and conferences in my Google Calender yet.
I haven't found the feature where i can publish my Google Calender to a specific URL, which can be done at 30 Boxes. Here's my calender on 30 Boxes. 30 Boxes also features a RSS feed, that is quite handy. Oh, talking about that: that's exactly what RSSCalender does, which was featured here before.
So, in conclusion: I haven't decided yet which one is the winner for me. I will let you know which online calender I prefer, when I am ready exploring.

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