Thursday, April 13, 2006

A day at the office

08.39: Arrival at the University of Twente. Bad news travels fast: we have no internet connection!
08.48: I am quite happy: all my documents are still available to me, since I have them synchronized to my local hard disk every time I log off.
09.02: I have cleaned all my temporary files and documents on my hard disk. That really feels good. Let’s do some more cleaning up!
09.04: The coffeemachine is still working...
09.18: Time to do some more thorough cleaning: AdAware and CCleaner do their job mostly unattended
09.31: I do some work on the agenda for an upcoming seminar that we will organize on the subject of Service Oriented Architecture and what this will mean for education. This will be on June 7, 2006….
09.39: I have wiped even more stuff from my local hard disk
09.43: Ok, no my desk needs some cleaning (well actually the drawers in my desk). I speak to some other colleagues who also finally find the time to clean up.
09.50. A colleague ask me to provide him with a Word-document that I had sent him via email yesterday. A USB stick is our means of transport for this.
09.58: Yes, it is working again (you are reading this, aren’t you)

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