Monday, January 15, 2007

Repositories are so 2006! Or 2005...

D'Arcy Norman, from the University of Calgary (Canada), has a great weblog for everyone interested in elearning and such. There's is always something interesting on his weblog.

One of his last posts is about CAREO, a repository that was offline for 9 months. His post is pretty disappointing: "(..) I think it's a pretty impressive statement about Institutional Repositories that something that was once trumpeted as The Next Big Thing can be out of action for 9 months without many people even noticing. Relevance of top-down, centrally ordained institutional Repositories?"

D'Arcy goes on to say that he still puts his links in and his pictures on Flickr. He doesn't need a repository. Also read the comments on this posts, for some more valuable discussion about repositories and the likes.

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