Monday, March 13, 2006

WikiVille: tell them about your campus.

WikiVille: 21st Century students building a world-story of life in our home towns. It's time to unpack and move in to WikiVille!
Great idea by Will Richardson!
Sort of reminds me of what we have here on the University of Twente, the campuswiki (only in Dutch so far). This only gives you information on our campus and surroundings. But what a great idea to expand this worldwide. Hopefully it doesn't die soon...

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J Bidder said...

Hi, QUick update on WikiVille growth - really pleased that its still growing with international schools picking up the idea now. Spain (Catalonia) is a good example of students in action. Canada, Thailand, Australia are moving along too. HOpe you and your Dutch students could drop by soon?

All the best

JOhn Bidder